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The first group
First, go to the legs, thighs at a comb-like branches. Branch contains tannic acid, many unpleasant-tasting liquid.
Two pressed olives. Cooked in red wine, grape skin and grape flesh squeezed at the same time, the red pigment in red wine, grape skin squeezes released, so the color of red wine.
, Juicing and fermentation. After you have the juice to wine - grape juice. Sauce can be cooked in wine. Wine of fermentation products. After fermentation, the wine slowly over the sugar alcohol and carbon dioxide. So aa during fermentation, sugar alcohol is at least growing. The slow process of fermentation, the wine grape meticulous taste.
Fourth, the sulfur dioxide addition. For fruit flavor and freshness of the wine, the second deposit 4-6 weeks. Residues of the frequency and time sequence, depending on the flavor to be achieved.
Wine bottling bucket of memory needed 3-9.
The second group
In addition Terrier: For unnecessary bitterness of the wine, resulting removed, and fruit.
B. split: rub the peel finely ground breaking, call broken.
C. Fermentation Yeast crushing grapes (with the peel and seeds). Its red color of the skin, astringent taste, and seeds are released.
D. Juicer: juicer to squeeze the wine after fermentation.
E. Fermentation wine will be squeeze and peel, core alone, and the only reason that the wine fermentation. This section is the key to determining taste a variety of flavors to mature fully fermented wine.
F. Cleaner: After fermentation, dissolve the residue on automatically removed in a process called slag.
Age: still is loaded, they are fully ripe and ripening about two years (but treated a person under the age of two years, that is).
Mon Bottling: Bottling after maturation.
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Red is years old, the better. Wine brewed wine of the year this year. Most (99%) of the ability to filter the wine is the best spawning season in a variety of skin, usually from 2 to 10 years. Only a small part of a particularly good wine before aging capabilities. Italy, France best wine aging ability to decades or even centuries. Many of the best wineries in Bordeaux wines still save more than a century, it is still safe to drink. Wine aging in tannins (eg, tannic acid), Cabernet Sauvignon (grape varieties), many varieties that are best suited to vintage properties and geographical factors.
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