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Reds Knowledge

1, the natural taste of dry

  of the Spirit of life is characterized by a mixture of ethereal waters of the soul's life is a gift of heaven and earth, the sun and the moon shine, Asahara, dressed as a soft mantle of the Virgin, Jiaohan fresh, the available colors.

Tasting the red wines, one must think about the heart. Wine is expensive, and to drink more because of the taste. "Dear" red wine, you do not "drink". "Polydipsia" and "superficial understanding", not progress, not only in the use of "taste buds" taste the alcohol, but the brain to analyze and record the feelings.

"The red wine itself" products, dry red wine, of course. Boris told me to drink when your mouth feels and financial content of red wine and other alcohol and sugar, such as severe flu. The feeling you feel in the mouth, the red wine is very "fat". He is an expert heavy type, the colors are subdued, perfume Eau type of cold spots. In general, construction heavy alcohol content of more than 13%. Shades of moderate red wine alcohol content of 12% - 13%, and less than 12% of the light aroma of the red wine run cool manner.

The second issue of "taste" some people like Ruhou "enough power" of red wine that someone like Ruhou "smooth" red wine. Good taste is clean fresh acidity, flavor level house in order, and exudes a hint of fruit flavor. Long-term aging of red wine in oak barrels, oak gives the red wine a moderate oxidation, ketone soften the tannins, the red wine becomes a permanent structure, and the smell of the red wine barrels, red wine was creamy vanilla, toast, toasted almond scent.

The course is dry red body and spirit through the alcohol in the red wine rhyme charming red wine and women is a bright pearl, he Xin Tu, mind rocking Liufang lips and teeth.

2, the red wine storage method

● If you have a bottle of red wine in a place where the sun is shining, maybe two days or less, the red wine back.

● red wine kept hot over the cold ° C for 13? C thermostat to save, too hot mature red wine at first.

● shock hazards red wine is very big shock to disrupt the molecular structure of the red wine, which affects the smell, the best red wine, redeem the rest.

● possession of the land of red wines, dark and cold, but the maintenance of ventilation and indoor no odor to prevent odor dip red wine.

● red wine storage water level must be able to ensure plugs are often wet, dry, then is filtered to the air.

3, how to choose a dry red wine

● First look of vineyards, red wine production

● Second, look at the industry is well known, there are many brands of red wine, many of which are outside of the base beer, but the charging or mixing.

● out of the year, the red wine, the good years, good grapes

● buying alcohol should pay attention to the height of the bottle of red wine, the red wine must be less than 10 years ago, at the height of the neck bends, "If the water level is too low, the red wine can be kept low.

Health is a function of red wine

While drinking, but the medical evidence that red wine promotes good health. Red red wine yeast may be called PST-P migraine prophylaxis, but it is important to contribute to elevated blood HDL, the cholesterol-lowering effect. And red and white red wine has beneficial effects on the stomach for digestion.

An easy drinking, common sense, you can better enjoy the world of red wine and alcohol.

● Serving Temperature

White red wine is recommended that the refrigerator for about 7 ℃ -10 ℃, (1-2 hours) can be placed in the fridge, open a bottle after drinking.

Red ℃ -18 ℃ room temperature for 15 drinking, can embody the best flavor, you can open the capsules half an hour before drinking the red wine in contact with the air, the smell is much longer lasting flavor.

● glasses

The basic unit of a long glass of red wine tasting, red wine and women used to identify and eliminate hand, the temperature of the red wine and red wine glass radiates a comfortable shake flavors hangover is to show the characteristics of the red wine quality.

● Saved

Winter: Store in a dark, well-ventilated place.

Summer: You can press pack, based on the fridge.

● Open footsteps

1 is a razor cut with a glass foil wrapper.

Second pull out the plug with a special cork opener.

3 cloth to wipe the glass mouth.

Light smell of cork taste, smell the smell of sulfur, acid, earth, he said, he metamorphosed damage, such as the cork drawn flowers, fruit flavor, flavor salads or other dishes that red wine quality is normal.

● trilogy taste.

The first step is for you to watch: Pour red wine in high altitude, holding a glass of red wine, red wine, should be reported to the light source.

In the second step, smelling: Gently shake the pan, the aroma slowly released, wife of the nose cup, smell the odor emissions.

Taste: The taste is a little port where the jaw Ministry Ministry luscious mouth, slowly swallowing the tongue to feel the taste of sweet and sour throat recognized red wine-focused light.

● Decorated

Red red wines match the heavier dishes of beef and mutton, lamb, duck, squid, or spices in the kitchen or Taiwanese steamed sweet and sour fish class discussions of white red wine, pork, chicken, sea or lighter dishes spices; ate Hamburg or fried green sea seafood, vegetables, white red wine, and there are no special taste.

● remaining red wine storage method

Open red wine cork Sese should swing back upright refrigerator. Via a thermos bottle, thermos air first, then put in fridge to store them up. (You can keep the spirit more)

Red, for example, "low-life"

Brewing and bottling the red wine is often described as a bit of life, because the quality of the red wine will evolve over time as a kid growing up, red wine shop has more flavor, but it's an analogy, and not all of the red wine.

Eric stressed that all red wine is the peak period, which means that the quality of the red wine can be achieved in the first-class taste, if you miss the flavor and high-quality red wine, slow decline. Different countries, different harvest red wine in a separate peak, and how to tell if they reach the maximum length of time depends on the experience of drinking red wine.

When I bought it there for a while before drinking, will take the unopened red wine, otherwise there is a chance to destroy red wine flavor. I think we all know that the red wine is not suitable for major changes in the temperature and humidity of the environment, but can not shake the initial shock and red wine, as much as possible at a time. Would be the most appropriate environment temperature was kept at room temperature below 20 degrees Celsius and 70% humidity is 80%, in the darkness, and does not smell, taste in the environment are able to infiltrate the red wine inside.

An open bottle of red wine "swirling gas" five minutes

Finally, you really taste the red wine process can be described as fine preparation for drinking red wine, red wine, once opened the processing steps to lose. Taste the true flavor of the red wine, glass of red wine required because of bad glasses to taste the red wine and taste disorders. General red wine glasses and cups, the glass is larger than that in the comfort of a glass of red wine after the injection of the air link. Red red wine is the special ingredients and the air is full contact information (also known as "swirling gas) amount of oxidation, odor, taste and texture of the red wine is fully released.

Eric general, it just turned wait 15 to 20 minutes to achieve the desired effect, the shares put 1 to 2 hours. Eric thanks for everyone's taste, it teaches red wine tasting friends make red wines all "swirling gas 5 minute penalty taste, while the poor comfortable entry and restrained taste of the red wine is the best effect. Opening, the red wine must be stored in an ice bucket 12 and 15 degrees C and then to be able to maintain the unique taste and quality of the red wine. addition to the above mentioned skills, pay attention to keep in mind that each injection, a glass of red wine components, only four percent of the original glass of red wine, otherwise it will affect will be the impact of a volatile character.

Different occasions to drink

Wine worth the high and low starting or red as friend know that you know how to choose red wine, on different occasions not only better tasting red wine, but also can avoid unnecessary good red wine. Eric reminded guests can buy red wine, four main points:

Cash budget for high quality red wine prices can vary widely, many of the 100 million yuan of funds in the budget, but locked, it is advisable to choose an ideal red wine to avoid too vague.

Drinking alcohol outside of meals per day, red collection of wedding banquets and parties are very popular, but the drinking part of the different places and the environment is very different. Half drink a lot of red wine, price is a little cheaper, and the more popular types of red wine do not waste.

Grape types and sources of the two points above considerations, we can select your favorite red wine conditions in the state. I remember last week, as he explains in the grapes and the "new and old world red wines that? Often more expensive" Old World "red wines (France and Italy), but also provides the" New World "red wines, the quality of Chilean red wine is one of the most popular" New World "red wines. seen as a kind of grape, brewed and Merlot red wines CarbernetSauvignon easy to find on the market. But look at the red wine, which is a type of red wine or two or three types of red wine, red wine, because of the taste and the price is very different.

Wine year in fact, the impact of the "old world" red wine year, so I chose French or Italian red wine, it would be appropriate to select a "good year" must taste the difference.

Pass the red wine professional teaching

Superior Hotel sommelier will be responsible to use the experience to teach the guests to choose a different variety of food red wine and advise the guests to drink red wine, play with the best results. I do not think it's just the upscale hotels to enjoy this high quality and professional service, we have some professional sommelier opened the red hotel to the public, teacher professional red wine knowledge. As of Switzerland to study hotel and catering industry, a former senior hotel sommelier Eric is now a hotel personally run a restaurant and a red wine company to use the professional and years of experience to share with their guests red wine knowledge and valuable experience, as well as food culture and red wine company recommends the introduction of a special red wine from around the world, it is often relatively rare red wines on the market, high quality and the price of red wine is popular.

Four processes sigh of red wine

Wine and food, you can give full play to the taste of the red wine. Lighter red wine taste the flavor, enjoy a light meal together, as opposed to the dark fruity flavors concentrated food to eat, but the best, so the game is not the law of red wine with red meat.

Wine quality requirements and satisfaction varies per person, but also a professional, objective point of view, to review, Eric told me that the red wine, such as food, pay attention to the color, smell and taste "flavor. Glass of good red wine, entrance easy to taste you can taste the red wine sweet, sour, fruit and vegetables, but not bitter. Admission felt a strong acid, it is likely that you have not reached the appropriate time drinking, or worse. red wine glass of red wine, light red wine glasses can be rotated 45 degrees sound track.

See Eric said that the quality of red wine is full of bright and transparent, very attractive, dark color and turbidity if biased, I think this is the red wine quality is not too high.

Smell selection of high quality red wine grapes and red wine tasting should smell fruity red wine, you can imagine a dark red or reddish fruit production, and feel the depth and complexity, it is often the red wine that is more like a grape.

Shake the glass of red wine products should be used, so you can be sure that if you want the truth slowly hurricane "Shake" to open the properties, it's like mixing pot is a good pot of soup, it smells the same.

Purple incense and feel the real entrance to the senses, until you feel the texture, taste and level of red wine, quality red wine remains silky feel in the mouth to slowly feel the bold, rich taste of it, and she will give you a feeling of prolonged and long time could not be dissolved in the mouth.

In fact, to know how to distinguish the quality of red wine it really depends on personal experiences and feelings with your friends, share your experiences, and mutual recognition, I think this is a very important learning process. Eric above, over the years accumulated a wealth of experience before coming to the experience, I hope these tips can help anyone to buy and taste red wine reference in the future.
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