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Label Rouge Scottish salomon in Champagne sauce

Label Rouge Scottish salomon in Champagne sauce

Date Added: 11/04/2012

Scottish salmon cooked in delicious champagne sauce! Great recipe for summer time!



8               Thin Label Rouge Scottish salmon escalopes, each around 80g

2               Shallots

200ml      Champagne

150ml      Single cream

30g           Butter

2 dstsp      Olive oil




1. Sauté the chopped shallots in a saucepan in 10g butter for 3 mins over a gentle heat.


2. Pour in the Champagne, boil for 3 mins.  Add the cream and cook for 8 to 10 mins on medium heat to obtain a thick sauce.


3. Add the butter and blend in a processor until smooth.


4. Fry the salmon escalopes in olive oil for 30 secs each side.


5. Arrange the escalopes on 4 plates and pour over Champagne sauce.


Serves 4