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Champagne Melon Peach Soup (Special Drink)

Champagne Melon Peach Soup (Special Drink)

Date Added: 26/03/2012


Simple cantaloupe and peach puree is chilled and topped with champagne and mint. Great for a classy but light dessert that is perfect for summer. Plan ahead to chill the fruit puree before serving.




1                                 Ripe cantaloupe

2-1/2 pounds           Frozen peaches, lightly sweetened

1/2 bottle                  Champagne

Fresh mint




1. Remove meat from the melon and puree in a blender with peaches. Chill this mixture well. 


2. At serving time, fill champagne glasses 2/3 full with chilled fruit puree. Top with champagne. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. 


Serves 12 - 16