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Pairing Wine with Dessert

Pairing Wine with Dessert

Date Added: 01/03/2012

Dessert: the perfect end to a meal. Wines can make a good dessert even better though. By pairing a wine with dessert, unique qualities of both the wine and the dessert are unveiled. As a rule of thumb, a wine should be sweeter than the dessrt it accompanies and the acidity and sugar levels must be balanced in both the food and wine. Try an Ice Wine with cake or a Late-Harvest Riesling with chocolate for a delicious dessert.

For dessert with certain amount of sourness, such as rasberry sorbet or lime and lemon tart, try paring up with a fresh and crisp white wine such as Framingham Classic Riesling 2008.

 Framingham Classic Riesling 2008